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My Web site!

After the highlight of performing with my trio in Clube do Choro de Brasília and while adjusting to moving to the United States to pursue my master’s degree in Jazz Performance at the University of Louisville, my website is released to assist in facilitating contact with drummers, fans, musicians and industry contacts.

Here you will find my bio, pictures, videos, exclusive posts, press kit, dates for concerts, clinics and much more. The site will be constantly updated on recent activities, new videos and posts about the whole experience of studying and living abroad.


In this Blog section I will give my opinion and share my point of view about subjects regarding the drum universe, such as techniques for practicing, professional behavior, musicianship, studio sessions, gigs, concerts, lessons and so forth.

This website is for music lovers, amateur drummers, professional drummers, other musicians, producers, composers and artists!

I am very grateful for G7 Production’s work, for my friend and producer Gui Siqueira and his incredible team who worked really hard to make this happen. My partnership with G7 has been very beneficial for my development as an artist.

Welcome to my site, enjoy the content, don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter and to follow me on my social networks:

Let´s music!!

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