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Building a solo!

In this video, I was playing the song “Choro pra Rafael” by Hamilton de Holanda with my friends Rodrigo Bezerra and Rodrigo Balduino.

It was kind of a jam-session environment where we were free to be creative and come up with ideas off the cuff. At the end of the song we were playing in the zone and I started to solo over it. In my opinion, the most important feature of a musical solo (of any instrument) is to build a narrative to say something. To achieve that we need to present ideas, develop (the ideas), make repetitions, contrast, bring new elements, develop them, build, walk, run, ski, jump.

Not in this order necessarily!

Every time there is an opportunity to solo I try to do so. I really enjoy soloing over a mood or vamp that is established with the other musicians. The mood itself is a source from where I can take ideas to work on and the mood can evolve along with the solo.

In this example I didn’t take the solo to a climax with a lot of showmanship, but I presented an idea, developed it, then added new elements in a way that I felt I could make a smooth narrative line that eventually flowed back to where I started. This transitioned nicely into the ending of the song.

How did you feel about this solo? Any different thoughts or observations? Follow me on my social media and let me know. I look forward to answering you back. :)

Let's music!

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