Jazz Education Network Presentation (2019) Examples


Here are the three examples of some Jazz standards played with Brazilian Rhythms presented by me at the JEN 10. Feel free to try these on your combos, ensembles or concerts. Remember the importance to listen a lot to Brazilian music to better understand the feeling of each rhythm.

In a Sentimental Mood - Duke Ellington

The Partido Alto rhythm is applied on the A sections and Samba on the B section.

Notice that at the end of the B section the Partido Alto groove starts four bars before A serving as a transition to the break and back to the last A of the form.

Days of Wine and Roses - Henry Mancini

The Baião rhtyhm is applied to the entire tune.

The basic Baião groove written is played on the beginning of the song and I added more variations to it during the development of the melody.

Four - Miles Davis*

The Ijexá rhythm is applied to the entire tune.

The "heart beats" of the Ijexá rhythm are on the second beat of the groove. The combination of this rhythm and a familiar tune helps the listener to keep track of the "one" and to get used with the Ijexá feel.

I hope this examples encourage you to learn and play more Brazilian rhythms. If you were at the presentation, please feel free to reach me and give me your feedback about it.

For questions, booking clinics or performances, please email me.

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